Be A Shield Report is Out!

Davis_couple_DEC_2014_600x600Our Annual Report for 2014 is known as the Be A Shield Report and it is in the mail to many of our faithful donors this week. Bonus content is also available online!

We share this message from our Divisional Commander, Major David B. Davis with which the report opens.

“The Salvation Army red shield has been something of a family seal for my wife, Margaret and me. She comes from a long line of Salvationists who have faithfully served in the Caribbean and all over the United States; while as a young child, I came to know the shield as a cub scout. The leaders there acted as a shield for me as they taught about character and helped me to develop skills I still carry with me today. I found The Salvation Army to be a safe and welcoming place and I’ve never left. Together, we share a lifelong commitment to the shield, which represents protection for people in need.

We praise God for the many people in the Commonwealth who live out the idea of being a shield every day. A volunteer is a shield when she gives countless hours to make sure that children have a smiling face to greet them after school and while they finish their homework. Our disaster service teams form a shield when our canteens arrive to serve first responders braving the elements to counsel and assist survivors following a fire or a storm. Our caseworkers act as a shield for the homeless, the hurting and the hopeless when they reach out with a caring hand to connect them with vital resources.

If you receive a hard copy, you may have noticed that this edition of the Annual Report is smaller than others we have produced. In a real way, this helps us maintain the stewardship you have come to expect while using fewer natural resources to share these important stories. However, the impact of The Salvation Army in Massachusetts last year grew, thanks to support from people like you.

As we share this information with you, we also put out a challenge: Be a Shield. We hope these stories inspire you to find ways to help those in need in your community. Thank you.”

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