150 Faces & Facts Volume 5

150FF_126CountriesWorldMap150FF_CampVolunteersFACT: The Salvation Army provides service in 126 countries across the globe and is headquartered in London, UK.

FACT: Wonderful volunteers from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dunkin’ Brands, Liberty Mutual and more volunteer with us to prepare Camp Wonderland for the arrival of campers each year!

150FF_DrJFACE: Did you know? Philadelphia 76ers Hall of Famer Dr. J spent his early days playing basketball at The Salvation Army in his hometown of Hempstead, NY!

Julius Erving said he learned accountability at the Army and maintains a close relationship with coach Don Ryan today. READ MORE

150FF_MobileMealsFACT: Food insecurity increases for children in the summer when students who receive free meals at school no longer have access to those programs. Mobile Meals began five years ago, using our Emergency Disaster Services canteen, which typically serves first responders and victims at disasters.

The innovative program delivers nutritious meals directly to children in locations throughout Worcester, bringing the needed services to their neighborhoods.

During the summer, over 1,100 meals are served each weekday in as many as 39 different locations totaling over 40,000 lunches. The fresh, pre-packed meals include a sandwich, fresh cut vegetables, a snack such as pretzels or chips, a dessert, and a juice box.

150FF_EvangelineBoothFACE: Evangeline Booth, daughter of The Salvation Army founders William and Catherine Booth said “There is no reward equal to that of doing the most good to the most people in the most need.


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