150 Faces & Facts: Volume 8

150FF_ARVisitationThe New Kids on the Block still have a worldwide following and The Salvation Army serves those in need worldwide.

What else do the two have in common?

FACT: In 2014, volunteer teams from Salvation Army Community Care Ministries visited 38,946 people in homes, hospitals and institutions in Massachusetts.

150FF_SlovakiaFACT: Fact update! We recently told you that The Salvation Army serves 126 countries worldwide. Last week, it was announced that we will expand into our 127th country of service, Slovakia!

FACT: One year ago today, a tornado carrying winds up to 120mph hit Revere and damaged more than 100 homes. Our canteens were on Broadway within hours of the unthinkable. Along with food and hydration, volunteer teams brought hope to the neighborhood.

Tornado Relief – Revere, MA July 28, 2014 from The Salvation Army, MA on Vimeo.

150FF_NewKidsFACT: Did you know? The Salvation Army Jubilee House in Dorchester was once owned by the family of Jordan and Jonathan Knight of New Kids On The Block fame.

This unique Salvation Army ministry in Dorchester’s Codman Square neighborhood now combines living in a Christian community with service to those in need.

150FF_DamienHorneFACE: Singer Damien Horne found The Salvation Army as a kid – he spent time at our camps as a camper and counselor, touring with a Salvation Army production of GODSPELL and has led music and worship on Sunday mornings. He can be found at many Salvation Army youth events sharing his story. Damien even wore a Salvation Army uniform to the Country Music Awards!


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