150 Faces & Facts: Volume 9

150FF_ElizaShirleyDuring the Christmas season last year, our Fitchburg corps was one of several who received jewelry in their kettle. What did they find?

FACE: The first successful work of The Salvation Army in the United States rested on the shoulders of a 17-year-old girl.

Young evangelist Eliza Shirley helped The Salvation Army expand into Philadelphia.

150FF_FitchburgFACT: During our last red kettle season, our Fitchburg Corps Community Center was one of several that received jewelry in their kettle!

They found a bracelet, diamond ring and diamond pendant with a request to sell the items to support those in need!

The trend began when a widow dropped her wedding rings in a red kettle in Boston and spread across Massachusetts and all over the United States!

150FF_SpringfieldFACT: Our Springfield Corps Community Center is home to a vibrant youth intervention program that teaches life-skills for court-involved and at-risk teens called Bridging The Gap between Youth and Community Services®. Since its inception in 1996, thousands of young lives have been placed back on the right track. The program now operates in 12 communities in Massachusetts, including in Worcester, the source of our picture to the left.

150FF_GipsySmithFACE: An early Salvationist, the evangelist Rodney “Gipsy” Smith was a dynamic preacher and brought many people to faith during his service with The Salvation Army. In 1882, he received a gold watch and his wife was presented with £20.00 by warm-hearted members of a local congregation.

Acceptance of these gifts was a breach of the rules and regulations of The Salvation Army, and for this he was dismissed from the organization.

FACT: Have you ever spotted The Salvation Army in a movie or TV show? Here are just a few places you might have seen an army inspired scene or character:


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