150 Faces & Facts: Volume 10

150FF_ChristmasGiftsVolume 10 contains a variety of stories of commitment from community volunteers to improve the lives of those in need through The Salvation Army. A family of four has made dinner for strangers once a month for year. A member of our marathon fundraising team was at mile 23 when tragedy struck at the 2013 Boston Marathon. All runners were stopped on the course and couldn’t complete the race. See her story of triumph when she returned in 2014 to finish what she started.

FACT: In 2014, The Salvation Army gave 287,232 toys and gifts to our neighbors in need at Christmas.

150FF_MiracleKitchen_MartinFamilyFACT: The Miracle Kitchen is a nightly feeding program at the Framingham Corps Community Center. Dinner is provided, cooked and served five nights a week by different volunteer groups.

The Martin Family (pictured right) has been coming to cook dinner once a month since their daughter was in a stroller!

Learn how your group can volunteer with us!

150FF_MusicMinistriesFACT: Salvation Army music ministries teach people of all ages how to sing and play instruments to the glory of God and for the blessing of others! Due to its popularity 150 years ago, the brass band became “the organ” of The Salvation Army!

At Camp Wonderland every summer, volunteer and professional instructors help young people take their talents to the next level at our Mass Music Conservatory and Mass Music Camp!

150FF_ARCFact2FACT: Our Adult Rehabilitation Centers offer residential housing, work, and group and individual therapy in a clean, wholesome environment. The physical and spiritual care that program participants receive prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment.

Your donations and purchases of clothing and household items at our Family Stores support this critical ministry.

FACE: Jen Forster raised over $8,000 for Camp Wonderland through the Boston Marathon. Hear how she compares running a marathon to her Christian walk.

Jen Forster from Camp Wonderland on Vimeo.


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