150 Faces & Facts: Volume 17

150FF_ARAdultClassesDo you know why Battery Park in New York is significant to The Salvation Army?

FACT: In 2014, there were 342,082 adult character-building instructional classes provided by The Salvation Army in Massachusetts.

Subjects include Bible Study, culinary training, music education, career readiness, addiction groups, and many more.

150FF_USFoundingFACT: Six years before the Statue of Liberty would appear in New York Harbor, 1880 was the year Commissioner George Scott Raiton and seven women known as “Hallelujah Lassies” landed at Battery Park in New York.

Their very first act of officially bringing The Salvation Army to the United States was to kneel on the dockside to give thanks for their safe arrival and for the city where they would minister.

150FF_AshJimmyFACE: Well, kind of.

More like FEET!

Ash Barrel Jimmy had many brushes with the law; so many, in fact, that the judge didn’t quite know what to do with him.

Find out why he was sentenced to The Salvation Army instead of prison!

150FF_AttleboroFACT: Our Attleboro Corps Community Center holds a “Make it, Take it” event at the end of the summer.

To get ready to go back to school, children make books, letters, and flash cards for school, and receive free school supplies.

FACT: Leaders across the faith spectrum have been working to protect and assist victims and eradicate human trafficking, particularly the trafficking of children.

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