150 Faces & Facts: Volume 19

FACES: What do Carrie Underwood, Kelly Rowland, the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez have in common?

They’ve all supported The Salvation Army, among many other artists who have used their notoriety to shine a light on the services we provide to our most vulnerable neighbors!

150FF_VolunteersofAmericaFACE: Ballington Booth, son of Salvation Army founders William and Catherine, founded Volunteers of America along with his wife, Maud.

The organization continues to serve as “a church without walls that answers God’s call to transform our communities through a ministry of service that demonstrates to all people that they are beloved.”
150FF_Cadets_CampFACT: Salvation Army cadets, individuals who feel called to become officers, attend the College for Officer Training.

FACT: In the summer of 2014, 1,199 campers attended Camp Wonderland.

FACE: Bridging the Gap helped Hector turn his life around.

Hector’s Story from The Salvation Army, MA on Vimeo.

150FF_MilfordCorps“Put a nickel on the drum”…or donate items to a Salvation Army Family store…or volunteer. There are so many ways to get involved!

FACT: Millis Wonderland provided a wonderful place for our Milford corps to ring bells and raise funds for many years.

Kevin Meehan, owner of several local car dealerships, opened the grounds of his home to thousands of visitors to this drive-thru Christmas spectacular with a Red Kettle collection point right in the middle of it all.

150FF_BostonCentralFACT: Our Boston Central Corps Community Center provides a number of opportunities for seniors, including a Tech Goes Home class.

Seniors from the community get to learn how to log onto the internet, set up an email address, navigate Google tools, etc.

At the end of the class, each one gets to take a laptop computer home with them!

150FF_LimelightFACT: The Limelight Department was one of the world’s first film studios, beginning in 1898, operated by The Salvation Army in Melbourne, Australia.

The Limelight Department produced evangelistic material for use by the Salvation Army, including lantern slides as early as 1891, as well as private and government contracts.

In its 19 years of operation, the Limelight Department produced about 300 films of various lengths, making it one of largest film producers of its time.

150FF_YouCanHelpFACT: Have you wondered how you can help support your neighbors in need through The Salvation Army?

There are so many ways!

Financial support, item donations, volunteering, workplace giving and many more!

Find out how you can help in your local community today!

150FF_MorysFACT: An adaptation of the Salvation Army song “Put a Nickel on the Drum” is used at Mory’s, a private club near the campus of Yale University.

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