Everyday Disasters

FEA_EverydayDisastersDisasters happen every day on your street, in your community, across Massachusetts.

While our region is not known for large-scale natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes, families experience devastating losses in our communities. They aren’t reported on the news. No hotlines are set up to help them.

A family displaced by a fire can have their life interrupted for months. A father living paycheck to paycheck can cease to be able to provide for his family when he gets laid off. A senior on a fixed income can face a huge impact from even a minor increase in expenses.

People who never thought they would need our help come to The Salvation Army when they face an everyday disaster. The first thing they find is compassion and a listening ear. Often, the next thing they receive is very pragmatic assistance. The most important thing people who face an everyday disaster find at The Salvation Army is hope.

The good news is that with a little bit of practical help and a healthy dose of hope, everyday disasters have been known to turn into everyday miracles. The Rodriguez family got back into their home with new furniture, Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas tree with all of the gifts underneath. Greg found a new job and now returns to our food pantry only to volunteer to assist people who were just like him. Since we helped Mrs. Jenson get her utility bills current with payments, she feels less stress and more enjoyment in her warm home.

You help make these everyday miracles happen. If you would like to see some in action, request a tour of The Salvation Army nearest you! If you are experiencing an everyday disaster, help is available here!


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