Boundless 2015 Highlights

In celebration of God’s blessings to The Salvation Army since it began on July 2, 1865, over 15,000 Salvationists from all over the globe gathered in London where it all began. Boundless 2015 was an historic gathering, marking our heritage, but focused on our future as a movement to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and improve the lives of those in need without discrimination.

We present here a small snapshot of the highlights of the congress. For more, search #Boundless2015 on your favorite social media platform. By the way, there were over 10 million tweets with that hashtag!

“Everyone is engaged in the mission no matter our station in life. We are not perfect, we are not better, we are not superior to those we serve in this rescue mission. We have to acknowledge our imperfection and brokenness but our lives must point to Christ.” General Andre Cox

Boundless2015 Commissioner Sylvia CoxThe diversity of the global Salvation Army was on full display.Boundless2015 Africa

Boundless2015 ColumbiaBoundless2015 An Army that practices what it preachesInstead of ordering from a commercial vendor, delegates at the congress received products from the Others Trade for Hope initiative, like tote bags and lanyards made by women from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, and Moldova. This initiative works to restore dignity, independence and hope. You can host your own home party!Boundless2015 OthersUSA
Boundless2015 Commissioner William CochraneBoundless2015 Pasadena Tabernacle Band

Longtime participants in the Rose Bowl Parade, the Pasadena Temple Band marched through the streets of London in one of several Boundless parades.

An interactive, global songster brigade joined in to sing Holy, Holy, Holy.

Boundless2015 Skype Choir

Boundless2015_Envoy Iris Jones OF

Faithful servant, Envoy Iris Jones from the Merton Corps in the United Kingdom, received the Order of the Founder, the highest honor bestowed on Salvationists.

In a funny moment, Lt. Steve Mayes, currently stationed in Staten Island, NY is 7 feet 2 inches tall. This presented some challenges in taking a photo with General Andre and Commissioner Sylvia Cox.Boundless2015_Steve Mays meets general
Boundless2015_O Boundless Salvation

The congress concluded with all seven verses of the Founder’s Song, O Boundless Salvation.


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