150 Faces & Facts: Volume 13

150FF_GNEFHow many meals are made in the modest kitchen of our Waltham Corps Community Center?

FACT – In 2014, 1,425 households were helped through the Good Neighbor Energy Fund in Massachusetts.

In the three decades it has existed, the Fund has helped over 85,000 families who never expected to need help from The Salvation Army.

FACT (and some adorable faces) – Do you know what the FEAST in Kids FEAST stands for? Let these adorable kids from our Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Dorchester tell you!

Salvation Army Kids FEAST Program 2013 from The Salvation Army, MA on Vimeo.

FACT – OTHERS is a fairtrade business. This powerful video shows how participants are being helped through the program.

150FF_MariaWalthamFACE – Maria is the cook at our Waltham Corps Community Center – she helps to prepare many the 22,000 meals annually provided out of their tiny kitchen.

When local people in need come into HOPE Kitchen, they are greeted in one of three or four languages, but always with a smile. A nutritious meal accompanies the warm smiles.

150FF_ArmyNameFACT – William Booth once described his fledgling organization as “a volunteer army.”

His son, Bramwell, said “Volunteer?! I’m no volunteer, I’m a regular!”

He reportedly scratched out the word “volunteer” and wrote “Salvation” in its place. In that historic moment, The Salvation Army was born.


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